Shankar Krishnan Conference

Telemedicine Applications and Advances in Health Informatics

Healthcare organizations are going through transformations across the globe and the changes driving these transformations are likely to trigger growth and innovation in multiple technologies including ICT, biomedical engineering, healthcare practices and patient care management to attain new levels of service, quality and financial sustainability all aimed towards safer, more efficient and cost effective patient care with interoperability and patient engagement. The success factors critical for connecting healthcare and addressing the business challenges of evolving care and financial models include maximizing technology, improving performance and quality, connecting and coordinating care and navigating thru differing payment models. All the participants in the healthcare domain involving patient and interacting spectrum including doctor, nurse, and associated care givers as well as EHR data managers, administrators, insurers and regulatory agencies will participate in transforming the present systems towards emerging comprehensive EHR models complying with security, privacy and applicable standards operating for improving the quality of human life. The talk will address some of the advances in telemedicine and e-health, associated challenges and potential opportunities to achieve the ultimate goal of realizing patient-centered, evidence-based, prevention-oriented, efficient and equitable and prevention-oriented healthcare.