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Dr. Ricardo Sanchez Peña
Dr. Patrick Flandrin
Dr. Joao Hespanha
Dr. Fernando Silveira
Dr. Patrice Abry
Dr. Gustavo Indalecio Cancelo
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Conferencistas invitados

  • Dr. Ricardo Sanchez Peña

(ITBA, Bs. As., Argentina)

"Identificación y Control: falsos, inválidos y corruptos"

  • Dr. Patrick Flandrin

(CNRS, École Normal Supérieure de Lyon, Francia -- IEEE SP DL-program)

"Revisiting and testing stationarity in the  time-frequency plane"

  • Dr. Joao Hespanha

(U. of California, Santa Barbara, USA -- IEEE CSS DL-program)

"Switched Systems: Mixing Logic with Differential Equations"

  • Dr. Fernando Silveira

(U. de la República, Montevideo, R.O. Uruguay -- IEEE CAS DL-program)

"Ultra Low Power Analog Integrated Circuits for Implantable Medical Devices"

  • Dr. Patrice Abry
    (CNRS, École Normal Supérieure de Lyon, Francia)

" Scale Invariance and Heart Rate Variability: From Spectrum to Wavelet Analysis, From LF/HF Ratio to Hurst Parameter, From Self-Similarity to Multifractality"

  • Dr. Gustavo Indalecio Cancelo
    (Fermilab, USA)

"De micro-volts a megavolts, historias sobre detectores de muy baja energía y aceleradores superconductores de RF"